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In the event of water damage, do the following:

Call us we be at your door within 30 minutes. APR has certified technicians on call 24/7. 

  • Make sure the water source is turned off. This will help contain the damage.
  • Turn off the breaker in the damaged area before you unplug or remove any electrical devices located on the wet floors.
  • Place aluminum foil or plastic bag’s under legs of any furniture which is in contact with wet carpet. This will help prevent furniture stains on your carpet.
  • Lift draperies away from wet carpet.
  • Pin up upholstered furniture skirts which may get wet.
  • Remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, and other items which may stain wet carpet.

Do not attempt the following: 

  • Don't use your home vacuum, since electrical shock may result, as well as certain damage to the equipment itself.
  • Don't place newspaper in traffic areas to walk on, since newspaper ink transfers easily to the wet carpet fibers and may result in permanent staining.
  • Don't walk on carpet any more than necessary. This will keep from spreading the damage to unaffected areas. water damage restoration water removal

Wood Floor Drying

Don't just Dry Carpet Dry the STRUCTURE! How do I know when the structure is dry?

You can only be certain of a dry structure by taking thorough measurements with moisture detection instruments. All affected materials should be returned to pre-loss condition within 4 percent (or points) of dry standard for your area.

What do moisture meters do?

   There are several types of moisture detection instruments. Each instrument is designed for a specific application.

Hydrosensors determine where moisture has migrated to in carpet in pad. They detect moisture content as low as 17 percent. Use Hydrosensors to map out affected areas.

A Moisture Counter reads moisture content in materials without penetrating the surface. It has three settings for use with a variety of structural materials. Use it on vinyl flooring, furniture, drywall or any other surface that should not be penetrated. The Moisture Counter reads to a depth of 5/8".

 A Moisture Pro takes penetrating readings of moisture content. It includes a hammer probe for driving insulated pins into hardwoods, subfloors or other structural materials. This meter allows you to take exact readings at specific depths. Compare day-to-day readings from the Moisture Pro to verify drying progress as moisture migrates back out of structural materials.

 The DHT is a digital thermo-hygrometer. It measures the temperature and relative humidity of the air. Use the readings from the DHT to determine that you are controlling the humidity in the drying environment.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the best non-invasive, non-destructive method for diagnostics of potential problems without damage to property, danger to person, or shut down of process.

Water Damage Repair

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Quick & Effective Water Damage Restoration

If you live in the South Florida area and are experiencing water damage from a failed sump pump, sewage backup or other plumbing issue, you have come to the right place. At A Premium Restoration we specialize in water removal & restoration of all types and sizes and stand ready to solve your problem 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. With a full service restoration approach, we can handle everything from the initial cleanup & drying service, all the way through to the final restoration.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our process works through mitigating, or "minimizing the severity" of your loss. We do this through our emergency response crews that come equipped to extract all water, apply a disinfectant, remove any non-salvageable materials and use drying equipment to dry the materials that can be saved, and prevent mold. On average, every $1 spent on mitigation can save $5 in future repair costs. As response time is so critical, getting a free estimate as soon as possible is extremely important to reducing further damage and preventing mold. If you have any questions about how your situation should be handled, please contact us.

Category 1 (Clean Water) Restoration Procedures

Category 1 water intrusions are the result of compromised sanitary water supply lines. In order for a situation to remain Category 1, water must not have sat in a structure for more than 72 hours, and materials affected must be clean and well maintained. Odors indicate that the cleanliness of the water is not Category 1.

Category 2 (Toilet Overflows, Washer Leaks, Water Entering from Below Grade) Restoration Procedures

Water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological and/or physical contamination is said to be Category 2. In order to remain a Category 2, water must not be allowed to dwell in the structure for extended time. If the water source was originally Category 1, the water will degrade to Category 2 after 72 hours. When water is a Category 2, it will continue to degrade and become a Category 3 after 48 hours. 

Category 3 (Sewer Backup, Flood Waters) Restoration Procedures

When water intrusion results from a grossly unsanitary source, carries disease causing agents, or when water has dwelled in a structure for more than 120 hours, it is said to be Category 3. Regardless of the initial source, water can be deemed Category 3 if it is allowed to dwell in the structure for five days. Removal of all highly porous materials and thorough cleaning or surfaces to be restored is required.

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